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Where can I buy plants of Fairbanks varieties for my garden?

Professional quality Fairbanks Seeds varieties are increasingly available in home garden nurseries. Most notably in Australia, Haars Nursery (a wholesale supplier to quality home garden nurseries) are supplying an extensive range of our premium varieties. Where possible on the ‘Produce’ page, you can find an image of the nursery tags so you know what to look for when purchasing plants.

Where can I purchase seeds from?

Commercial quantities of seeds can be purchased either directly from Fairbanks Seeds or Fairbanks Seeds NZ, through their major distributors in Australia E.E. Muir & Sons, or by request at your local horticultural supply store.

Unfortunately for home gardeners and smaller scale growers we are unable to pack down into home-garden size packets.

How can we find out more about purchasing these vegetables locally?

Contact us at and we can connect you with local agents/grocers that currently stock the varieties you are interested in.

Who stocks Fairbanks Seeds vegetable seeds?